Automotive Diagnostic Services in Norman

When the check engine light goes on—a red flag goes up—warning you that something is potentially wrong with your vehicle. 
When this happens, we recommend taking your vehicle to your trusted automotive diagnostic service mechanics at Sooner Auto Service of Norman for a complete diagnosis as soon as humanly possible.  What might be an easy fix could prove disastrous, quite possibly even deadly to your engine, if gone unchecked.

Purchasing a Used Car, Truck, Van, or SUV?

Too many people make the mistake of replacing an old car that needs a few hundred in repairs—with a newer car they didn’t know needed a few thousand just to keep running!

Sooner Auto Service offers complete Engine Diagnostics to weed out the lemons and give you peace of mind that you are making an educated, sound purchase.  This precautionary measure can save mucho buck$$$ and loads of heartache.

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