Brake Repair in Norman

At Sooner Auto Service in Norman, we perform brake repair and inspections during your routine Tune-Up—however, if you start to think you may need brakes in the interim, it’s best to schedule your FREE BRAKE INSPECTION a little Sooner!
Good brakes help ensure driver and passenger safety. 
We all know that, so why do so many folks put off getting their brakes inspected when signs of decreased capacity become evident?
To Save Time and Money!
Therein you procrastinate, which doesn’t really save you time and money because you still need new brakes, only now, you may need a few other things as well.
For instance, if your brake pads wear down completely, you will be left with metal housing that will grind against the metal rotors.  Not only are you risking your safety and that of your passengers, you now must replace the brakes and the rotors, which can more than double the cost of the initial brake replacement.

Sooner is Always Best! 

Schedule a Brake Inspection When...

  • Brake fluid is low or dirty
  • Brake sinks all the way to the floor
  • Brakes aren’t as responsive
  • Brakes squeak or squeal
  • Feel a pulsation or vibration when the brake is depressed
  • Hear a grinding sound
  • Takes longer to come to a stop
  • The brake warning light illuminates
  • Vehicle pulls to one side when braking

Brake System

Sooner Auto Service inspects your entire brake system—hydraulic and mechanical.

Hydraulic System

  • Brake Master Cylinder
  • Disc Brake Calipers
  • Rubber and Steel Lines
  • Wheel Cylinders
Mechanical System

  • Brake Pads
  • Brake Shoes
  • Emergency Brake Components
  • Hardware
  • Wheel Bearings and Seals

Complete Brake Inspection

Sooner Auto Service will thoroughly inspect your brakes and quickly determine the best line of defense for your vehicle.  Whether you need a routine flush, new brake pads, or help with your anti-lock system—our technicians are highly skilled and will provide you with a fair and honest estimate of your brake service needs.

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