Timing Belts in Norman

Timing belts or chains should be replaced according to the manufacturer’s recommendations found in your owner’s manual, or every 60,000 miles.  At Sooner Auto Service of Norman, we’ll help you determine your timing replacement needs based on your vehicle's year, make, model, service record, and manufacturer’s recommendations. If you’ve lost or misplaced your owner’s manual—no problem—we’ll search our database and get the answers you need!

Timing Belt Purpose

Put simply, Timing Belts connect to the camshaft and crankshaft to synchronize the timing of your vehicle’s pistons and valves in a set pattern that optimizes your vehicle’s performance. 
A timing belt regulates the crankshaft’s rotation, which works with the pistons.  It also controls the speed of camshaft rotation to work with the valves, which must open and close in conjunction with piston position. 

Timing Belt Replacement in Norman

Over time, your timing belt will fray and crack, causing it to split apart. 
If this occurs on a “free-running” engine, the engine will cease and you will need to get your vehicle towed and the timing belt replaced. 
If you have an “interference engine,” severe mechanical damage will occur.  Most commonly, valves remain open, causing the pistons to collide.  In severe cases, engine replacement is needed.

Let Sooner Auto Service Help You Determine if it is Time to Change Your Timing!

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