Struts and Shocks in Norman

Just as good brakes are critical to the safety of your vehicle and its passengers, so are struts and shocks.
Most people think of shocks and struts as the element that keeps the vehicle from bouncing, giving us a smoother, more comfortable ride.  While that is certainly true, it is also important to know that shocks and struts affect steering, braking and handling.  If you feel your shocks or struts need repair, contact Sooner Auto Service in Norman.  Shocks and struts can affect your ability to stop quickly in emergency situations.  Bad shock absorbers can add more than a dozen feet to your stopping power, which could be the difference between avoiding a collision and crashing.

Shock or Strut--What's the Difference?

Shocks and Struts achieve the same purpose in a slightly different way.
  • Part of the suspension system
  • Uses springs as separate components
  • Hydraulic fluid dampens leaf springs
  • Most common on trucks, vans and SUVs
  • Complete suspension system
  • One unit with built-in springs
  • Hydraulic fluid dampens coil springs
  • Most common on cars

Purpose of Shocks and Struts

  • Command steering
  • Control stopping power
  • Keep suspension system intact
  • Keep tires grounded, minimizing jounce
  • Maintain alignment
  • Prolong tire wear
  • Provide comfort and stability

Tell-Tale Signs You Need New Shocks or Struts

  • Accelerated tire wear
  • Accelerating causes rear end to squat
  • Bottoms out on bumps
  • Braking causes nose dives
  • Extreme fluid leakage
  • Quick stops, lane changes or sharp curves elicit swaying
  • Vehicle continues to bounce after hitting a dip or bump

Shock and Strut Experts in Norman

Now that you know the value of your vehicle’s shocks and struts, if you’re still not sure if you need replacements, bring you car, truck, van or SUV to Sooner Auto Service for a thorough inspection and experience peace of mind in knowing that you are getting the best possible care, service and parts for your car.

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